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This is the inaugural posting to this blog and with it I’d like to introduce myself, tell you a bit about Vermont Computing and give you an idea of what you can expect to read about on these pages.

My nameIan2 is Ian Stewart. I’m the General Manager (read: Head-Poohbah) of the group of computer techies that make up the Vermont Computing Cooperative (VCC). In some respects we are employees of VCC, but at the same time we are the owners. For you see, VCC is a worker’s (or employee’s) cooperative. As a co-op, we function differently from a traditional company. While I make the day-to-day decisions like the boss in a traditional company, there is a difference. In a conventional company, when the boss makes a decision, the employees obey. A worker’s co-op is more representative. My decisions can be questioned by the other co-op members. If the membership feels another course of action might be more appropriate, we will discuss it and vote on what to do. Any long term strategies are also discussed and voted on as well. In short, we function as a democracy.

Because this blog is part of the VCC website, you can expect to see me write about computers and computer-related subjects. However, I won’t get too technical on ya. Techies already have a myriad of blogs, specialty websites and forums that serve their needs very well. This blog will be for the users out there. I’ll do my best to keep the subject matter light, but interesting for the advanced user and comprehensible for the novice.

Of course, your comments are welcome as well. Your input will help keep the topics relevant to your interests and it will keep the spirit of the blog in line with VCC’s democratic values. All I ask is that everyone be nice. Remember, people of all ages and backgrounds will be reading what you write.

Lastly, if you would like to get my scribblings delivered to your mailbox, please send me your email address.



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