Another Computer Scam Coming Your Way

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By now most people are aware of the scam where the user (you) either gets a popup message, an email or even a phone call from “Microsoft” saying that the users computer has been scanned by Microsoft and large numbers of infections have been found. The “tech” will then ask for a fee and permission to access the computer to “clean the system” of the infections. Needless to say it’s all a scam to get credit/debit card information and to see if there is anything of value in the computer that the scammer can use (bank information, for example).

Yesterday, BBC News ran a story about a new twist to the scan described above. Instead of the email, popup message or scammer claiming to be from Microsoft, he claims to be from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). For most people in Central Vermont that will be Comcast, Fairpoint or (if you’re lucky), ECFiber. Please be aware that your ISP does not monitor your computer nor do they scan customer’s systems for infections. If contacted, please DO NOT pay anything or allow the “tech” to access your computer. The full BBC article is at the following link:



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  1. I wish I had read this sooner. I was scammed. “Microsoft” called, my computer is now rendered useless.
    What are your hours this Saturday?

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