In the Shop we have a variety of services available.

Computer Repair
Things like removing viruses, improving poor performance, transferring files to a new computer. diagnosing an unknown problem, setting up email, and just about anything else.

Computer Maintenance 

Maintaining your computer is the best way to prolong it’s life. In addition to properly installing updates and removing unnecessary files that clutter up the works, opening the computer and removing dust and cleaning the fans keeps your computer running nice and cool. Heat is caused by the build up of grime, and heat kills computers faster than anything else. We can access the internal components of your computer in a safe, anti-static environment and keep your computer pushing air through as it should.

Computer Upgrades

As computers age and Software gets more advanced it makes sense to keep up with the times. Upgrading the memory, installing a new hard drive (maybe a solid state drive?), and adding a new video card can bring new life to an aging machine.